Roadshow beendet


Our Road Show finished on 1st December

We are through with 18 shows, where we presented our best Sames E-Jet and what it is capable of. Our boys coated some technic parts and a bottle as well, which is well known of it's bad static attributes. Istvan and Attila shared some tips and tricks, and helped everyone with useful guides.

Pictures taken on the shows can be seen on our Facebook page and there are some in our Gallery as well!


On the last Road ShowIstvan is answering questionsOne of our stopsThe prizes

Thank you very much

for our partners who provided stage for our show
and also for those who were there!

Our partners were:
Modul Ltd. (Szolnok)
Alba-Dimenzió Ltd. (Székesfehérvár)
Start Junior Ltd. (Budapest)
Török Ltd. (Kaposvár)
Brinmetál Kkt. (Baja)
Szentkirály Ltd. (Szabadszentkirály)
Szinter-2000 Ltd. (Budapest)
Nelka Ltd. (Kisnémedi)
Autoflex-Knott Ltd. (Kecskemét)
Megyer Mixer Ltd. (Nógrádmegyer)
Malatinszki Mihály (Szeged)
Premier Metál Ltd. (Békéscsaba)
Mikófém Ltd. (Nyíregyháza)
Gábor Napárnyékoló Ltd. (Debrecen)
Vilati Gyártó Ltd. (Eger)
Industar Ltd. (Felsőzsolca)
Cellmodul Ltd. (Celldömölk)
Whittman Ltd. (Mosonmagyaróvár)